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The beginning of BiroBugs...

Elise Wortley, Birobugs, bumblebee art, animal print, animal art

Hi! I'm Lise Wortley, the ballpoint pen queen! I create intricate, highly detailed drawings using a special medium - ballpoint (biro) pens! Inspired by my travels and the natural world, my drawings have a traditional vibe, modernised by a bright colour palette, a unique medium and a bit of gold leaf!

BiroBugs aims to raise money for conservation and the environment through art, donating a percentage of profits from chosen prints to a relating charity. So far, I have raised money for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, WWF, NHS Charities, Vauxhall Foodbank, Friends of Conservation and The Shark Trust.


I also LOVE to draw pets! You can see these here, as well as my other recent commissions, and my new more affordable "nude" pieces. 

P.S. You can shop everything you see here in my Etsy store!

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